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Do you ever worry that your phone will die and take your precious photos with it?

I know.  It used to keep me up at night too.  But, friend, it doesn't have to.  In this FREE 3-Day Backup Bootcamp, you will see how simple it can be to organize and backup your photos.  

You will learn how to:

- manage photos on multiple devices
- automatically eliminate duplicates
- clean up the junk
- setup cloud backup
- automate your process

Hi, I'm Casey, aka Miss Freddy

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When I was born, I had an unfortunate resemblance to Fred Flinstone and the nickname stuck (even though I don’t think I look like a caveman anymore!).  I am a modern photographer for fun-loving families and I've been photographing kids professionally for 8 years.

Last year I got certified as a Professional Photo Organizer and I've learned that WE ALL have an overwhelming number of photos and VERY FEW of us have them properly backed up.  I created this free course because I want EVERYONE to quickly & easily backup their photos so that we can all sleep better at night.